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Snow plow businesses prepare for winter weather boost
By: Litsa Pappas
INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. -- The snowstorm is giving local snow plow businesses an extra boost they don't see every year.

Private snow plow companies are getting ready to work during the next, bigger wave of the storm Wednesday.

Smith Grounds is one plow company in Indian Trail.

They have 14 plow trucks, 18 salt trucks and more than 80 tons of ice melt ready to go.

General Manager Earl Anderson says so far it's been a waiting game to plow.

"Usually in a snow event like this, the ice melt doesn't really have an effect on that as much as it does ice, so we usually wait until the snow starts falling and starts accumulating, then we go out and push the snow off and we use the ice melt," said Anderson.

Anderson says his plow trucks will be out early Wednesday morning to plow the snow for their customers once it starts accumulating.

The business makes most of its revenue on year-round landscaping.
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